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What is wind energy?

Wind power is used to convert wind energy
into other useful forms of energy, such as using wind turbines to
make electricity, wind mills for mechanical power, wind pumps for
pumping water or drainage. Wind energy is an attractive alternative
to fossil fuels, it is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed,
clean, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

What are its applications?

Small-scale wind power system Small wind
turbine charges a 12/24V battery to run 12/24V appliances, or with
the aid of inverter to run common AC appliances of low wattage, can
provide electricity to isolated houses and farms. Small-scale wind
power is the wind generation systems with the capacity to produce
up to 50 kW of electrical power. Isolated communities may use wind
turbines to displace diesel fuel consumption. Individuals may
purchase these systems to reduce or eliminate their dependence on
grid electricity, or to reduce their carbon footprint. On request,
we add grid-tie wind power system in the catalogue including
2Kw,3Kw and 5Kw.

What kind of products do you sell?

We supply small wind power turbines, hybrid
solar and wind systems and wind power gadgets.

What are wind turbines?

Wind turbines also known as wind generators
or wind chargers, generate electricity from the wind. We focus on
small wind turbines below 3kw in wattage with high efficiency,
reliability and low cost for residential use, yachts and small
boats etc. Small wind turbines are featured low start-up wind
speed, lightweight, easy to install and maintenance free. Generally
2 types of wind turbines are available: horizontal-axis wind
turbines (HAWT) and vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWT). Some
examples are shown here.”font:10px Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif;”> 

What is a hybrid system?

A hybrid system that combines wind and
photovoltaic (PV) offers several advantages over either wind or
solar system. In most places, the wind speed is low in the summer
while the sun shines brightest and longest, the wind is strong in
the winter while there is less sunlight available. Because the peak
operating times for wind and PV occur at different times of the day
and year, hybrid systems are more likely to produce power when you
need it. The hybrid system is easy to expand by adding more solar
panels or wind turbines.
Main Components of Hybrid Power System:
• Solar Panel • WindTurbine • Charge Controller • Inverter •
Battery Bank

What is a charge controller?

Wind charge controller is vital for any wind
turbine used to charge a battery bank, different from solar charge
controller to ensure that the wind turbine is constantly under load
to prevent it from overspeed and being damaged in strong winds. The
wind solar hybrid charge controller is designed for wind/solar
hybrid power system to control the wind power charging battery
under constant voltage and the solar charging together.
The wind solar hybrid charge controller-inverter is also available,
to manage the power from wind turbine and solar panel for charging
the battery bank, while convert 12/24VDC into 220V pure sine wave
AC to power AC electrical appliances. The configurations and
parameters can be customized. 

What is a wind-solar hybrid controller and

The wind/solar hybrid controller-inverter is
featured easy operation and LCD display, multi-protections for
over-charge, over-voltage, over-temperature, under-voltage, reverse
connection, automatic dump-load, constant voltage charging-PWM,
moreover, the America-made micro chip and other imported components
are used to guarantee high efficiency, reliable operation and long
service life. 

What is a pure sine wave inverter?

The stand-alone pure sine wave inverter is
designed for converting DC from storage battery into rated AC
output voltage for various home appliances ( such as TV, computer,
Light, vacuum cleaner and so on) with featured with LCD display,
easy operation and perfect protections against low battery voltage,
over load, short circuit, overheat, reverse connection etc .
With American micro-chip, it is really reliable, high efficiency
and long service life.

What kind of battery will this system

We recommend LADC batteries. This Lead-acid
deep cycle battery is valve-regulated (VRLA) battery, sealed,
leak-proof and maintenance free, fixes the acid electrolyte in an
absorptive fiberglass mat. The oxygen evolved from the positive
plates diffuses through the micro porous glass fiber mat to the
negative plates where it is changed back to water by recombination
reaction, eliminating the need for water addition.
A deep-cycle battery can discharge down to 80% depending on the
manufacturer and construction of the battery.

How will the entire system work together?

The system will function as a grid-tie power
system.A grid-tie wind power system is composed of wind turbine, wind
controller, wind grid-tie inverter and metering device. Wind
turbine converts wind energy into AC power, and the wind controller
converts the AC into DC power while protects the wind turbines,
then the wind grid-tie inverter converts the DC into AC of the same
frequency and phase and feed-in the grid.