Solar Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners, Solar Split AC, Solar Floor AC Unit


Price: PKR 57000
Location: Karachi Sindh, Pakistan

– Our Solar air conditioner units are similar to traditional air-conditioners.
– Solar collector helps provide more efficiency to the solar air conditioner when placed in the sun. Shorter piping connected to the solar collector from the outdoor and indoor unit, for better cooling results.
– To be installed by a professional.
– Installed according to the requirements of the installation manual.
– Install in a location for a nice appearance.

How It Works?

Solar Air-Conditioner absorb solar energy to heat the inside medium by using vacuum solar collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go cycle inside the system cooling and heating. We use a smaller compressor instead of standard compressor to run the system which saving the electricity dramatically. A smaller compressor consumes much less electricity and works together with the solar collector to saving the electricity


1 Ton = 57,000 Rs.
1.5 Ton = 70,000 Rs.
2.0 Ton = 85,000 Rs. (Floor)
2.0 Ton = 105,000 Rs. (Split)

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Solar Air Conditioners, Solar Split AC, Solar Floor AC Unit