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How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel

Why Get Solar?

It’s the technology of the future! Read more about the advantages of solar power systems and how Solar Systems Pakistan ensures you get the best equipment at the best price.

How Does Solar Power Equipment Work?
Our high-quality, high-fidelity mono-crystalline solar panels harness energy from the sun, converting light energy into electrical energy by a special solar cell.
This solar cell, or photovoltaic cell (PV) is a device that converts light into electric current using the photoelectric effect. The first such cell was constructed by Charles Fritts in the 1880s.

Solar energy is then stored in specially designed maintenance-free battery packs, allowing it to be used during the day or at night when the sun isn’t shining.

Electronic charge controllers and hardware maintain a deep charge and ensure your system works when needed and as designed. With solar equipment, there are no power surges, no power cuts, no utility bills and no noise from generators. Best of all, its good for the environment.

While the size of the solar system varies depending on the application, most solar energy equipment consist of three major components: the solar panels, the charge controller and the special solar battery pack.

How Much Energy Does the Sun Provide? Will it Work in Pakistan?
Each year, the sun’s radiation provides the Earth with 174 petawatts of energy! Pakistan has an ideal climate for solar given the hot, sunny climate, long daytime hours and unstable grid power generation. We utilize meteorological data, using temperatures, radiation scores and longitude and latitude readings to design the perfect system for your needs.

Advantages of Solar
Here are just some of the key advantages of our solar solutions:


  • No installation costs
  • No wiring costs
  • No electricity bills
  • No maintenance bills
  • No backup systems needed


  • Clean and elegant installations
  • Green energy
  • Zero emissions
  • Totally recyclable


  • No power outages/breakdowns
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Freedom from noisy generators
  • Works even in cold climates

Engineered for today. Built for tomorrow.
We don’t compromise on quality. All of Solar Systems Pakistan products are backed by the industry’s best warranties and a hassle-free service guarantee. That means you can be sure of receiving year after year of dependable service from your solar equipment. And, if you should ever need service, you can count on receiving fast and professional technical support.